Terri DeMontrond

My beloved daughter Misty Dawn died 8/1/2012 and I was fortunate to connect with Dr. Jo in 2013.  The compassion and education I received through Dr. Jo’s work gave my broken heart a home. I felt safe to share what is the hardest thing a human can endure – the traumatic loss of a child.  I felt that I might actually be able to survive her death.  I’ve been volunteering as a HOPE Mentor since 2014.  I’ve spent a considerable amount of time at the Selah Carefarm over recent years.  I am a Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider and have taken the Advanced Skills classes as well.  I facilitate Support Groups for moms who’ve lost a child to Suicide, and to Substance related causes.  Currently I Co-Coordinate the HOPE Mentor program and serve as Hospitality Coordinator for the Carefarm.  Volunteering with others who are traumatically bereaved has been the most purposeful ‘work’ I’ve ever done.  I am honored and full of gratitude for being part of the MISS Foundation.

Houston, TEXAS 77069

Email: terri.demontrond@missfoundation.org